Empowered Vision Welcomes Penrith Panthers

Undoubtedly one of the largest and most sophisticated leagues clubs state-wide, Penrith Leagues hosts over 10 eateries, sophisticated cocktail lounges and decked-out sports bars – it even holds a 900-person capacity theatre complex. They’ve just opened a brand-new, six-tiered car-park with its own entrance to the venue, an entrance now highlighted with a freestanding Empowered Vision Digital Displays LCD screen, with another duplicate having been installed in the main foyer to match!

Empowered Cloud

Standing close to two metres, our displays, supported by the Empowered Cloud system, our 24/7 customer support program, are now the welcoming feature of both main entry points to the club. Automated through Wi-Fi uploads, management are now able to feature all their promotions, raffles and advertisements by using a simple upload function – customised with display times, video capability and audio utilities. Saving the need for wall-mounted display framing, which of course requires physical altering for each new promotion or logo display, our thin displays not only add ease of functionality for staff, yet bring class and sophistication to the club’s grand entrances.

A third, propped LCD display is being used next the Panthers’ members area, chosen to target the valued members with draws and advantages they receive by using Empowered Vision Digital Displays’ bright, high-resolution LCD products.

Panthers Leagues Club General Manager Jason Stone was impressed by the visual clarity and appeal our products brought to the areas they are situated, and in a constantly evolving and updating venue, we hope to be able to work with the Panthers again in the future – our products are certainly up to the task of the club’s high standards.

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