Integrating LCD Displays Throughout Your Business

Marketing solutions throughout any commercial business, whether registered hospitality venues, independently or franchise owned retail stores or a host of others, have experienced a dramatic change in what is deemed the modern standard of internal advertising. The digital transformation of the world has now made it commonplace to see automated digital signage including LCD displays, large format LED solutions now rapidly replacing static solutions – especially in industries prone to variable changes – including meals and subsequent pricing, sales and other promotions.

While digital advertising to many can be viewed as needless, and to some extent daunting, its value is found in the wealth of productive advantages.

Economically, the benefits are quite self-explanatory. While a larger initial outlay, the elimination of constant reprinting and installation services quickly rectifies this cost – and with Empowered Vision, you have the clarity of no ongoing fees over the life of your display, as well as included licensing costs in your initial purchase. Static signage for promotional or sales events can materialise as a lot of physical work, from design through to correspondence and printing, for a short amount of time for each relevant promotion – with the display becoming irrelevant and unusable directly afterwards. Empowered Vision’s digital LCD displays, or larger format LED solutions, benefit from our unique cloud-based content-management-system, known as Empowered Cloud. Enabling you to remotely upload, manage, schedule and publish to your displays, you can arrange your content into time-sensitive order for display at relevant times according to your promotions or sales without needing to reprint or rehang anything!

Further, being able to alter media and later republish makes variable displays such as pricing of menus or items more simplified than ever before.

While the technical and economical benefits largely outweigh the corresponding options offered by static signage, the clear and unequivocal edge of digital displays is in the aesthetic output. Simply put, they look outstanding. LCD displays and our internal LED displays alike play full HD media on bright and clarity rich technology, creating larger viewing and interest rates of your promotions.

For retail stores and hospitality venues alike, providing an exciting point of difference is critical in ensuring returning foot traffic to your business. While Empowered Vision’s digital solutions provide this innovative, they further ensure that your clientele is informed and attracted to your promotions which you are advertising.

Talk to our team today for more options about how you can elevate your internal display solutions to experience great results!

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