How To Activate Your Beer Garden

Throughout the scorching summer season, an outdoor beer garden is a venue’s most popular area. For a mid-week long lunch, open-air dining on a hot night or Sunday afternoon event, outdoor areas are the place to be. There may be something missing though, and to give your patrons the best experience, we have the solution to activate your beer garden.

Outdoor LED Screens

Your customers shouldn’t have to head inside to check the cricket score, nor should they feel limited to the confines of a small sports lounge to watch the races while others are enjoying the summer sunshine. By installing an outdoor LED sports screen, your customers can enjoy all the action from your beer garden.

Empowered Vision’s external LED sports screens are waterproof, weatherproof and able to withstand the harshest of Australian weather conditions to provide outdoor viewing capabilities year-round. LED sports screens also provide a unique option to entertain the entire family. Imagine outdoor movie nights to entertain the kids during school holidays or display screens as backdrops for bands or live shows. 

Our outdoor screens come in a variety of different resolutions, giving you the flexibility to choose a configuration that suits your venue. With finance packages available and summer just around the corner, contact Empowered Vision for information on LED sports screens and more digital signage solutions to activate your beer garden or outdoor area.

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