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Empowered Vision’s cloud-based digital signage platform, Empowered Cloud, gives you complete control over your LED and LCD screens. Providing an easy to use cloud-based content management system otherwise known as CMS, enabling you to upload and schedule your promotions from any location – Empowered Vision’s CMS is both unique and state-of-the-art.

Key features of Empowered Cloud include 24/7 remote support on a locally hosted software basis, with a simplified uploading and scheduling process giving you the ability to display videos, images and text all on the same platform. Our platform can be both synchronous and asynchronous and able to be used with any html5 based web browser. By using our technology, you trust Empowered Vision to look after your products – no need to rely on any third party in the event of an issue.

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with empowered cloud cms
Empowered Vision's Empowered Cloud content management system (CMS) is both unique and innovative - pairing you with both the best possible marketing display solutions in LED and LCD, and the most simplified uploading and management system likewise.

Why Choose The Empowered Cloud?

Empowered vision are the digital display experts
Empowered Cloud is used over dozens of displays across the state, all enabling their uses ease of marketing alterations as well as more control over their screens, no matter where the location.

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