LED vs LCD For Your Next Large Format Display

Here at Empowered Vision, we are constantly inundated with questions about the difference between LED technology and its LCD counterpart, what the advantages are and why. As we work with the latest in innovative display technology daily, our team knows first hand the differences in visual output, however for our customers who haven’t experienced our showroom or seen an LED screen for themselves, the technical jargon can become rather confusing. So, to assist you with your latest update in viewing technology, we wanted to break down what truly makes LED screens superior to all the other options out there.

LED screens are completely seamless

While an 86″ LCD screen may look large in a household setting, its size simply doesn’t cut it in the hospitality industry. Neither the size required or ‘wow’ factor is produced by a single large TV unit when placed into a main bar or beer garden, and while this can be solved by video wall configurations, the large unattractive joining lines leave a lot to be desired for your patrons. This is where the advantages of LED screens truly shine.

Configured from multiple small cabinets and modules, LED screens can be arranged to be as big as you require – while never resulting in any joining lines or gaps in the visual display. LED pixels are edge-to-edge on their modules, meaning they perfectly align when installed, leaving the meeting of modules completely invisible, and resulting in one huge picture!

Quality, and quantity LED technology

Not only does LED technology harness the power to be implemented vastly larger than LCD options, it does not compromise any visual quality – in fact, it accelerates it! Indoor LED units are manufactured in a range of pixel pitch options – all largely effecting the visual clarity of your screen. While other factors are taken into consideration for pixel pitch sizing, such as viewing distance and screen size, our screens can have the ability to play 4K media on an unparalleled size!

Match the screen resolution with higher rates of contrast, brightness, saturation and clarity and it is easy to see why LED screens are becoming the industry standard in hospitality venues.

Want multiple displays? You got it!

Thanks to steep innovation in design of processors and LED controlling technology, it is now easier than ever before to replace multiple TV units with a single large format LED screen. Our expert technical support team can set you up with exactly the right processor for your requirements – allowing you to split your screen in numerous configurations, while remaining a single feature screen for larger events!

What happens if a fault occurs?

Of course, as with all technical products, unfortunate faults do occur from time to time. However, our support staff are constantly on hand to provide either remote support and assistance, with on site servicing regularly occurring within two business days. Replacing a LED module or part though is remarkably easier than servicing an LCD screen, with minimal downtime for your display.

Where can I see an Empowered Vision LED screen in action?

If you want to experience the advantages found in an LED display solution, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team and come in to our showroom and find out for yourself! If this is not an option, our team would be happy to point you towards one of our many installations statewide and you can see how much an Empowered Vision digital display elevates a venues atmosphere!

(Secret tip: You can even hook your LED screen up to your PlayStation or Xbox to get really into the action! Here’s a photo of some of our team taking the time to enjoy one of our big screens for themselves!)

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