LCD Display Signage

Empowered Vision’s LCD display signage offers a large range of digital display advertising, both in touch and non-touch, wall mount and freestanding options. These digital displays emphasise self-created media to their full potential, capturing the attention of your target audience.

Our LCD signs and screens have been utilised across a wide range of industry and purposes, and are perfect for numerous requirements. Schools and educational facilities, retail outlets, exhibition stalls and healthcare facilities all benefit from the use of LCD display signage, with hospitality venues including hotels, pubs and clubs, along with corporate businesses benefiting alike. Whether to promote upcoming events, location information, display award winners, hospitality specials and menus or anything you desire, Empowered Vision LCD digital signage displays are able to power your business’ promotions to new heights.

Simple yet powerful, implementing LCD digital signage displays with Empowered Vision both sophisticates your advertising and streamlines your marketing management. Fully connected through WiFi connection, our Android media player is featured on a 1080 HD, ultra-thin display. LED backlit, our displays are high on energy conservation, yet nothing can disrupt display – whether it is static, video or text all on an impact resistant glass panel.

LCD Wall Mount

Our wall mounted LCD screens are perfect for internal advertising purposes. Remotely controlled through our unique CMS software, your wall mounted LCD features state-of-the-art resolution and brightness to ensure your promotions stand out.​ Our wall mounted LCD displays have been used for hospitality in the promotions of menus, in retail sectors as well as front of house displays.

Slimline Freestanding

A slimline freestanding LCD screen compliments any environment it is placed in. Seamlessly able to transition between moving video and still picture media, these LCD screens are the ultimate in sophisticated in-house advertising.​ Also able to be customised with branding on the lower half of the screen, you can create a truly unique marketing platform with the team at Empowered Vision.

A-Frame LCD

A-Frame LCD displays' advantages lie in their mobility and ease of use. Weighing little and easy to handle, these LCD screens can be moved and used around your location or facilities - perfect for presentations and events.​ Connected to our Empowered Cloud CMS, an a-frame LCD platform will prove invaluable for your business and your marketing.

End-Of-Bank LCD

High Viewing Rates In High Dwell Time Areas
Empowered Vision's range of 'End-of-Bank' displays enable management at venues to streamline their advertising, while emphasising as much promotional media as necessary. Implemented across a number of end-of-banks through gaming facilities, you can be sure that you are communicating effectively with as many patrons as possible - instead of promoting outdated static signage for an extended period of time.

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