LED Signs & Screens

Empowered Vision’s LED signs and displays are leading the way in innovative custom large format video displays – both indoor and outdoor. Whether it be for a hotel, club or pub venue, a pool, church group, school advertisements or even for your own personal movie theatre, the possibilities are endless.

LED signs and displays are the forefront technology of innovative advertising solutions. With high brightness and crisp resolution, Empowered Vision’s LED screens are unrivalled in gaining attention and successfully portraying a message for your business.

The display advantages of LED signs and screen marketing include their ability to be implemented in all types of environments – inside, outside, direct sunlight and in rainy conditions. LED signs and screens can further be customised in size to fit your needs, all the while keeping a completely seamless design, leaving no joints or borders to inhibit the aesthetics of your advertisements. This creates better value for money, especially when compared to the economical costs of other display alternatives.

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Pylon LED

Pylon advertisement has been revolutionised to incorporate LED format displays into their marketing. By using an LED digital screen, you are able to ensure constant connection to your consumer base thanks to the remote management in our CMS software and keep constantly updated media on display at all times.

Large Format

For the best viewing experience for live sports or a movie-theatre experience, LED technology is the future. Able to be formatted in a wide range of huge sizes, with their perfect HD resolution and crisp brightness, LED screens are the ultimate way to engage your customers in a venue or your consumer base in an advertising scenario.

Customised Sizes

A major factor of the benefits of LED technology is found in their customisable size range - seen here as an internal advertising board. Hard to reach and under-utilised spaces are highlighted by the use of an LED screen, and unique shapes form as an interesting and attractive advertising observation. Talk to the team at Empowered Vision to find out more!

Multi-Screen Capabilities

split your screen in multiple ways
Are multiple TV units cluttering your sports bar or other lounge areas? Are you left with a tray full of remotes, confusing your staff as too which is which? Empowered Vision Digital Displays innovative technology is able to be customised and formatted into differing ratios and combinations all at the click of a button! You can have multiple channels on at once, split your screen to keep up with the two big games, or enjoy large format full screen options!

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