Why Digital Signage Is More Than Just Marketing

Outdoor digital signage has a host of benefits and is more than just a marketing tool. One of which, is the capability to display dynamic messaging which allows relevant advertising, of community news.

The recent bushfires throughout New South Wales and Queensland have seen many of our signage partners utilise their digital signage to provide up-to-date messaging to their community and thank firefighters and volunteers for their efforts.

Many schools that have an Empowered Vision LED screen regularly update their messaging to inform communities and families about school closures due to safety concerns. Using the Empowered Cloud CMS software in conjunction with their Empowered Vision LED screen they’re also able to conveniently update the sign remotely with changed information if the school was closed.

A number of our hospitality partners have also utilised their Empowered Vision LED screen to keep communities informed about nearby fires with some partners advertising their venue as a place to host families unable to reach their homes or as a place to collect assistance packages.

Digital signage with remote Empowered Cloud CMS software is a useful marketing tool to grow your brand and identity. We’re glad to know our signage solutions are proving invaluable to bushfire affected areas, keeping communities informed and safe this bushfire season.

Contact Empowered Vision for information on LED screens and more digital signage solutions for your business. 

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