Residential LED Screens

Empowered Vision has seen the rapid and unequalled growth rates of LED digital technology throughout industries in the marketing, advertising and hospitality sectors. Due to the huge growth rate of these astonishing formats, the innovation of manufacture and speed of supply are able to produce incredible results – making both the demand greater and the affordability much more reasonable for residential use. We now have the capacity to install residential LED screens.

Residential LED technology

Media rooms, home cinemas and man cave style spaces have for too long been understated by lacklustre industry television displays – or worse, lifeless projectors. Lacking the ability to be customised to the size of LED displays, not to mention the clarity, lifespan and brightness, large format televisions are no longer the leading large format display, while the qualities of projectors are shadowed by those of LED technology.

The ability to cut out any ambient light sources – allowing residential LED screens to retain the same, astonishingly sharp brightness, contrast and saturation throughout the day as they would in a darkened cinema room – is one of many clear advantages hosted with LED screens, while their ability to cast and display any form of media gives you power of complete control over your display. Speak with Empowered Vision today.

Internal Media Rooms

Empowered Vision offer the biggest home cinema screens in australia
Empowered Vision's completely customisable size range for our LED digital display format allows us to boast the ability to provide internal screens for home theatres, media rooms or man caves for as big as our clients can dream. Our showroom features a screen measuring a whopping 4500mm x 3500mm, and we've discussed going over 5m wide for our customers! Have a chat to Empowered Vision today about how an LED screen can maximise your home media - much more than an outdated projector system.

World Class Home Cinemas

With LED Technology, Your home cinema will be astonishing
LED innovation is rapidly growing as the go-to format for serious internal media displays - whether for home cinemas or sports-viewing man caves. Not only is the quality found in an LED display unmatched by any competitors, but the lifespan and value outweighs any of it's rivals.

Modern Day Gaming Rooms

Ensuring the experience of your gaming or media room is of the highest quality possible is paramount when investing in such spaces. Not only are Empowered Vision's LED screens state-of-the-art and innovative, they are unparalleled in saturation and clarity features, while our staff provides a complete service, from quotation to installation and everything in between!

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