Stand Out By Putting Your Sign On A Pylon

When it comes to effective ways of attracting attention to your business, few surpass the effect of an LED sign situated on a pylon.

LED signage on pylons

It stands to reason that more visually appealing LED signage generates more business than static advertising signs. The fundamental reason for why this is lies in human psychology. Simply put, the human brain is drawn to bright, flashing light. It was why flashing lights were chosen to be used on ambulances, police vehicles and fire engines – they effectively attract attention. Human beings tend to be in an almost trance like state much of the time, have so much on our minds – whether its work, the past, present or future, our brains are almost constantly occupied. As a result, we don’t consciously notice the majority of signs in our surroundings.

However, if it’s bright, blinking and high up on a pole, it’s likely to bring even the most concentrating individual out of their semi-trance. This is what any business wants with their advertising – attractive promotions bringing in new business in the form of potential customers and clients.

LED signage comes in a variety of customised styles and sizes to meet a business’ specific requirements. To make the choice requires a little research as to colours, size and any other appropriate considerations.

Street-side pylons can play an important part in representing businesses, and moreover they are cost effective. You pay only once but a pylon sign advertises a brand 24 hours, seven days a week for as long as it is standing. Opting for other more traditional styles of advertising requires regular payments and maintenance.

Because LED signage uses green technology even large pylon signs are good for the environment. They can be erected at very competitive rates and do not generate large electricity bills.

Another benefit when compared to static signs is that LED formats can easily be edited and altered so that you are not stuck with one advertisement. You are able to target your audiences with different promotions for certain times of day.

LED signs are one of the best investments you could have as a business.

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