You can now rent a digital display for your business

When it comes to implementing a digital display solution for marketing and advertising purposes, many customers tend to hesitate at the products assumed price point – expecting an innovative digital display to be followed by a hefty price tag – this being a completely mistaken presumption. LED and LCD digital screens are not only simply more affordable than many consumers believe, though when compared to the marketing and advertising revenue they raise, but they also become only a mere investment towards a successful marketing identity.

Better yet, Empowered Vision Digital Displays are experts in tailor-made packages for our customers, enabling you to rent your digital display to better suit your needs. At Empowered Vision, our staff are able to work with you and your business to set a rental plan – allowing your successful marketing to pay for itself. Our fixed rental solutions are not only covered with comprehensive coverage of faults, but are 100% tax deductible and completely maintained by our team of experts at Empowered Vision. We will look after all components of your digital display, assuming risks for all public liability, breakdown and OH&S standards, while guaranteeing the operation of the sign throughout the agreement period. We are also able to offer refurbishment, upgrading or replacement solutions at the culmination of your agreement.

If you are after an external roadside option as seen similar to our Souths Merewether digital display, or an internal display for viewing use like above at Lake Macquarie Tavern, talk to the team at Empowered Vision today about your options. Our rental options simplify your ability to ensure you are successfully marketing yourself with next-gen technology, without having to pay the total upfront cost.

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