Big Games Call For Big Screens

Empowered Vision is proud to be a Novocastrian company from the steel city, and this past week has been all about one thing here in Newcastle – our Jets playing in a home A-League grand final. Every hospitality venue in town is going to be full on Saturday night, with McDonald Jones Stadium already a sell-out, all for one of the biggest sporting events our region has ever hosted – meaning that the small TV in your local pub or club just isn’t going to cut it when the action kicks-off. It’s the big screens we’ll all be looking for to catch the action live.

Big screen LED for your venue

Empowered Vision knows the benefits to be had when a big screen is placed into a venue – the difference in picture quality, not to mention customer satisfaction, speaks for itself. For the grand final this weekend local councils are placing big screens in public parks, just like those here at Empowered Vision, to keep fans happy while they watch the game – all the more reason that smaller, low-quality, not to mention outdated TV displays are no longer up to standard when it comes to hosting live sporting events.

Among other promotions and friendly customer service, watching live sports, whether it be A-League, NRL, AFL or others, is one of the biggest drawcards for licensed venues. Though if you’re hosting any game and your patrons can’t see your small TV set-ups, well you may lose them for good. Numerous other venues have chosen Empowered Vision to improve their display options, including a recently installed pitch 3, 3.5m x 2m display at Charlestown Bowling Club (shown below), and it’s safe to say that fans will be flocking to these venues to catch the game.

For all your LED display needs, no matter how big or small, Empowered Vision Digital Displays can be sure to customise products to meet your requirements. Be sure to contact us to find out more on prices and installation information – but for now, sit back and enjoy the game. Go the Jets!

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