Schools benefit from digital screen technology

In an educational facility – including public, private, primary and high schools, universities and other tertiary education venues – the ability of staff and employees to teach must be completely uninhibited to produce the best possible outcome for the student body. While this thought would be largely agreed with, it seems imprudent then that many facilities tend to continue using below-par viewing and digital screen technology throughout their schools.

Classrooms have largely seen the technological shift from chalk blackboard platforms to modern digital technology, however many main hall locations for schools still use lacklustre and outdated projector displays. Not only do these displays create little atmosphere and drain the life out of the content they are displaying, furthermore as many are used for showpiece events – including presentations, information nights and demonstrations – they tend to extend a negative look for the identity of a facility, particularly as they are regularly used in the presence of guests and the outer community.

Moreso, the difficult task applied upon teachers and leaders to control a large student body is amplified by a display which lacks any aesthetic and reason to show interest. While projectors have proved popular due to their versatility and value for money, their resolution, brightness and saturation leave a lot to be desired – resulting in a large portion of disconnected students.

Featuring astonishing resolution due to minimal pixel pitch, and dimensions spanning a vast range of large format sizes, Empowered Vision’s digital screen technology and displays are able to invigorate a lacklustre hall – breathing life back into presentations, ensuring they are the showpiece they deserve to be, and the achievements of your pupils are rewarded by a professional atmosphere created by next-gen technology. Empowered Vision’s knowledge and experience in the digital screen technology industry has enabled us not only to see the communication and connectivity shown by students to benefit from digital technology but the wealth of positive changes brought to a school hall or chamber by implementing a large format LED display.

Aesthetically, our digital solutions are unrivalled when it comes to the viewing experience, and moreover, our content management system, known as Empowered Cloud CMS, enables staff and management to host a powerful program, yet simple to learn and use. Our software enables owners to remotely control all content on their screens and all the relevant media being uploaded – making sure your presentations run smoothly, without the need for any attached media such as USB drives or similar.

Throughout media, marketing and advertising niches, digital solutions are the industry standard, and in an ever-increasing digital landscape, it is inevitable more categories of business will follow. Not only are students heading into a digital world, but they also deserve the best possible solutions for their education – as staff do in order to ensure they are teaching at the highest standard possible. If you want to maintain your school’s high-quality standards, and you want to represent your facilities professionalism at presentation events, talk to Empowered Vision today. We’d love to see what digital screen technology could be appropriate for your educational facility.

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