Digital Displays: Wallsend Diggers’ Big Screen

The biggest advantage of LED technology and installing digital displays is it’s modular nature, able to be arranged in a nearly endless array of ratios, dimensions, sizes and shapes – perfect for any requirements. Our friends over at Wallsend Diggers were after a large format display solution for their HR Sports Bar, to replace six mix-matched television units – required to feature all types of sports events for all sorts of occasions – and the team at Empowered Vision crafted a solution to incorporate the desires of their management and customers, as well as seamlessly fitting in with the aesthetics of the space resulting in Wallsend Diggers’ big screen.

Measuring 3600x1200mm, this particular digital display is by no means extravagant in sizing or considerably large – it’s advantages rather lie in its customisable options while keeping its seamless format. Thanks to unique tech solutions, our clients are able to have their screen split into multiple displays, dual side-by-side displays or as a full-sized large format screen for the ultimate sports bar experience.

Check out the photos below of Wallsend Diggers’ big screen, which provides a perfect example of the digital displays we can produce. Let us know what you think by following and commenting on our Facebook page. Alternatively, get in touch with our team at

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