Big Club? Big LED Screen!

Charlestown Bowling Club boasts three bowling greens, three separate bars, huge bistro and lounge facilities, all being packed to the brim with happy customers each and every day. The club had big screens in place for all their patron’s viewing needs, but management knew they needed something special to take their facilities to the next level – and they knew that Empowered Vision’s team were just the people to raise the bar for them.

Pubs and clubs big LED display screens

We’ve just installed a whopping 3.5m x 2m, pitch 3 display in CBC’s main lounge area, meaning you won’t miss a bit of the big screens action from anywhere in the club. What used to hold an old-school projector system now features a state-of-the-art LED display screen, all which can be controlled remotely for promotional, advertisement or HD TV use.

Utilising a large, premium space was key to the needs of CBC, and the result is just what they were after. We don’t think there are going to be many complaints about not being able to see the TV anymore!

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