At-Home Media Range with LED technology

Fast becoming the norm of advertising and marketing platforms, LED technology is not only experiencing a rapid spike in innovation and advancement but similarly a wave of availability for residential and non-commercial use. At-home cinema arrangements, as well as large scale garages and media rooms, have for too long been understated by their lacklustre projector displays, as well as inferior industry television technology. Popularity trends of LED displays have risen, resulting in both substantial improvements to the technology, and due to the growing demand for both industry-specific and at-home uses, the affordability of LED technology is becoming much more reasonable.

Empowered Vision’s at-home digital LED range features a range of stock, as well as completely customisable sizes to suit your needs, ensuring that your screen not only compliments it’s space, but moreover is a pivotal feature of the room it is in. Boasting an 154″ (nearly 4 metre) diagonal span, our X12 screen (pictured above) is the ultimate in at-home viewing options – specifically engineered to establish an extraordinary atmosphere within your custom space. A minimal pixel pitch of only 2.5mm produces incredibly clear resolution, matched with sharp contrast and high, yet perfectly realistic saturation levels thanks to our range’s >1000 brightness feature.

When compared to the advantages of other viewing options, especially large format at-home projectors, LED’s specifications speak for themselves. Not only will your media be clearer, brighter and benefit from a higher refresh rate with an LED screen, but projector’s main issue, coming in the form of ambient light, is completely nullified on an Empowered Vision digital display.

Ambient light refers to the present light sources in a scene or room, before any additional lighting is added through your projection – usually incorporating natural light through windows, doorways and can also include artificial light sources throughout your space. With the presence of even the smallest amount of ambient light, projector displays lose all reasonable form of brightness, contrast and saturation – making your viewing experience both near impossible, and not enjoyable in the slightest.

LED technology however completely nullifies any ambient light sources, ensuring that your display will look as good during the day with the windows open then at night for a movie experience – perfect for the afternoon summer cricket test matches for dad and his mates, and for a girls movie night later on that same day.

In dedicated in-home media rooms, extravagant man caves or feature display walls, it is critical that you get your display technology right. Empowered Vision have the capability and the experience to ensure that your display can be fully customised to your needs – elevating both your media, and your satisfaction levels to new heights.

For those looking for a stadium-like atmosphere when they’re watching the game, those who want to feel the action of a high-intensity movie, or those that just want to be the envy of all their friends, LED technology is unparalleled for at-home viewing.

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